We keep class sizes limited to 12 in order so that every student gets the attention they deserve.

We believe that confidence is gained by knowing where your line is and stepping over it a small bit more week by week. We are sensitive to this line with people and while we gently encourage them to take small risks, we seek never to push them so far that they feel uncomfortable.

We aim to provide such a fun, easy atmosphere for people that by week three they’ll forget that the line was there in the first place!

We don’t like the words “good” or “bad” when talking about students' work, preferring to work on what is there to bring it out in its truest form.

We try to provide opportunities for our students to perform in public as much as possible as we believe that this experience really helps them to raise their game and is central to sharing with them the magic of theatre and performance.

While we provide training, advice and ongoing support for entering the acting industry even after students have finished studying with us, we aim to instil a love for and deep fascination with the art of acting in itself and the many things it has to offer, over and above an ambition to “make it in the business”

We have an open-door policy for past students and endeavour always to advise them about what is best for the stage that they are at, even if it means recommending courses with other teachers that are more suitable.

Galway City has a rich network of theatre practitioners with many interesting skills. We aim to provide teaching opportunities for them in order to share these skills and offer a wonderful variety to our students.