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10 Great Reasons to Take an Acting Class

Having taught and directed adults from all walks of life for nearly twenty years, I’ve seen acting offer benefits that go far deeper than mere professional training. Here are ten ways in which taking an acting class can enhance your day-to-day existence.

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A Beginner's Guide To Working On Your Part At Home - Part One

As our two play performance groups get stuck into rehearsing Lucy Kirkwood's NFSW and Will Eno's Middletown, I wanted to write a series of blog posts to support the work they are doing in rehearsal. But it's also written for the general reader, and reflects some of the difficulties and confusions I encountered when I was a beginner actor.

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Interview with James Riordan

In the spirit of sharing more of who we are, what interests us and what we do, here is a wee conversation between our director Sarah O'Toole, and our Physical Theatre and Devising tutor, James Riordan, about his performance career and about his upcoming course Physical Theatre and Devising with Galway Actors Workshop which starts on 3rd October. (Learn more here)

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