Six Week Beginner's Course starting Wednesday 7th November

Want something fun to do on these long Winter evenings and always wanted to give acting a try?

This six-week intensive course is ideal for anyone who's always wanted to give acting a try, who wants to brush up on past skills, or who just wants to build confidence, have fun and meet people. Suitable for beginners or those who haven’t done it in a while and are looking to get back into it in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Your tutor Sarah O'Toole will take you through the basics to working with a script in six weeks, with a lot of laughs along the way! 

Key Information:

Wednesdays,  7 to 10pm, 7th November - 12th December

Anno Santo Hotel, Salthill, Galway

Cost: €180 or €160 (student/unwaged) with an Early Bird Discount of €165/145 (student/unwaged) if you pay before 31st October.

Week One focuses on Presence. We warm up our bodies and imaginations, working in pairs to get comfortable with one another and then work in groups to create a short performance.

Week Two focuses on the Where. We become more confident through anchoring ourselves in the physical space. Then, through a series of games and exercises, we get explore the playing area, finding creative ways to transform it with our imagination, our intention, our voices and our bodies. 

Week Three focuses on Character and the different building blocks towards creating them including physical centres, given circumstances, stereotypes and archetypes. We build on the work of the previous week by placing our creations in distinct location with a clear objective, that is, something they want to achieve.

By Week Four, with its focus on Relationships between characters and how we read them onstage, we have all the ingredients of a good scene in place. CROW - Character, Relationship, Objective, Where. Through an exploration of the status roles we play and how they shift, we learn that character is dynamic and its transformation is at the heart of all good storytelling.

Week Five focuses on Story. Working in groups, we present our versions of well-known stories and use our CROW skills to create our own adaptations. In the second part of the class, we are given scripts to read for the final week, discuss our first impressions and how we are going to prepare them.

Week Six focuses on the Text. Each student shows what they have prepared over the week, and takes detailed direction from the tutor in bringing it further. By the end of the course, they should have an idea of what to expect if they were cast in a play and have tools to bring their own creativity to bear on the work.

Depending on what aspect of performance they have enjoyed over the term, there are Next Stage courses to choose from which will enhance their skills and bring them towards their first public performance.

For more enquiries or to book, call Sarah on 087 237 3531, contact us here or email