Upcoming Evening Courses


6 week introductory courses: acting 101

Mondays - 22 jaN - 26 Feb                                19 feb - 26 Mar

This course covers basic acting skills and builds confidence through fun games, exercises and improvisations before applying these to text. Suitable for beginners or for those who haven't acted in a while.

The Next Stage: Physical Theatre & Devising

tuesdays - 23 Jan - 20 mar  showcase performance - 23 mar

This course explores different practices and theories of physical theatre, really pushing how the student can use their body on stage and develops their skills in ensemble performance. Some basic experience required.

The Next Stage: Voice, Text & Professional skills

thursdays - 25 Jan - 22 mar showcase performance - 24 mar

This course gets into the finer details of working with dramatic text in rehearsal, developing a stronger more expressive voice and gives an overview of what is needed for a professional career. Some basic experience required.