This brand new course will be a unique opportunity for personal discovery run in collaboration with some of Galway's finest artists!

We enjoyed exploring our Creative Mindset so much earlier this Summer, that we've decided to amp things up a bit with this very special new course that's suitable for, well, pretty much anyone!

Children's lives are filled with chances to get creative and express themselves in many different ways. As we get older, we get more hung up on how good or bad we are at various activities and consequently shut ourselves off from them, losing all the other benefits that come from engaging with an art-form - physical fitness, the experience of losing ourselves in a flow state, the sense of satisfaction that comes from finishing something, taking time out from the ordinary world, emotional catharsis. Furthermore, we lose the opportunity that each art-form gives us to see the world in a different way and then to render it back to others with the stamp of our own individuality upon it. 

Therefore this course is partly a journey back to the magical space of childhood, where you approach things with a beginner's mind. Even more so, it is all about the cross-over between living creatively and practising an art. You don't need an interest in acting at all, just a curiosity about expanding your personal horizons, a willingness to be kind to yourself as you embark upon the journey and a little time to practise certain things you encounter in class in the days between sessions

Guided by Sarah O'Toole, students will work with a series of guest tutors exploring different art-forms, then reflecting on techniques and practices encountered as ways to engage with and enhance their everyday lives. Tutors will include Jennifer Cunningham whose work you may have seen as part of the main exhibition for Galway International Arts Festival 2018 (Drawing) and Órla McGovern who runs Sky Babies, Moth & Butterfly and the Spontaneous Theatre People (Improvisation & Storytelling). Tutors in Group Singing, Poetry, Dance to be confirmed very shortly and Sarah O'Toole will run a workshop on Drama, along with other sessions geared to the Personal Development side of the course.

This course is also geared towards any artist in any art-form who is looking to deepen, structure and enrich their creative practice.

Wednesdays,  7 to 10pm

Anno Santo Hotel, Salthill, Galway

Cost: €320 or €300 (student/unwaged) with an Early Bird Discount of €300/280 (student/unwaged) if you pay before 24th September.

For more enquiries or to book, call Sarah on 087 237 3531, contact us here or email