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GAIN BASIC ACTING SKILLS * DISCOVER THE JOYS OF IMPROVISATION * IMPROVE YOUR VOICE * WORK WITH SCRIPTS * share your funny side * PERFORM IN PUBLIC * explore acting from your yoga mat * develop an artistic practice * enhance creativity in your daily life * improve your mindset * take part IN A full-length PLAY. 



We're proud to present our Summer Term which starts the first week of May and takes place at the Anno Santo Hotel, Salthill, Galway, from 7pm to 10pm.

In addition to our Beginner, Continuation and Advanced levels, we have a brand new series of workshops, Acting In the Real World, which will explore the connection between acting (and other artforms) and real life. These courses cater for people who don't necessarily want to become actors, but would like a space to nurture their creativity, and physical wellbeing and develop strategies and practices to integrate what they discover into different areas of their every day life. That said, they are also the ideal complement to any existing creative practice.

The Creative Mindset, taught by Sarah O'Toole on Tuesdays, will use techniques from various art forms as a starting point to think more creatively about different aspect of our lives and develop practices and strategies to push past where we feel stuck. Yoga for Actors with Aoife Heery on Thursdays will explore yogic techniques to prepare for auditions and performance along with a personal daily routine combining personal wellbeing and the necessary vocal and physical routines to maintain the actors agility and an overall greater sense of peace, confidence and energy. Both courses run for 8 weeks.

We will have two six-week Acting 101 course for beginners on Monday evenings, taught by John Rogers and Sarah O'Toole. We've split our continuation level The Next Stage into two separate classes - one on Voice, Text and Professional Skills which will be taught by Sarah O'Toole on Thursdays, and a brand new course on Improvisation and Comedy, with Sarah O'Toole and guest tutors on Wednesdays. Each will end in a public showcase performance at the Town Hall.

Fresh from their production of “Blood Wedding” at the Town Hall in May, our Advanced Performance Group will meet on Wednesdays, and will be working towards another full-scale show. This course starts in early June and is for students with some experience (maybe you’ve done a couple of classes before), so send us an expression of interest if you’d like to take part. The show will be directed by James Riordan and will take place in early September.

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Our Acting 101 course is on Monday nights, from 7pm to 10pm, and runs for 6 weeks. This course is for beginners or those who haven’t done it in a while and are looking to get back into it in a relaxed, enjoyable way. We cover all the basics through various games, exercises and improvisations and the main focus is on developing confidence, getting comfortable performing in front of others, learning how to create characters and settings and most importantly, having fun. No experience needed.

This term we are running two of these courses. The first starts on 30th April and is taught by John Rogers. The second starts 4th June and is taught by Sarah O'Toole. Cost is €180/160, with an early bird rate of €165/145 if you book before 25th April for the first course and 31st May for the second.

Acting in the Real World: The Creative Mindset on Tuesday nights, from 7 to 10pm is specially designed to get you fired up about bringing more creativity into your every day life. We will explore acting-based exercises for self-care, enhanced presence and stimulating the imagination, as well as different journalling, creative writing, musical, visual art, craft and, of course, performance exercises to begin to reflect on our lives, where we are at and where we would like them to go. We will mine the creative process for different strategies for challenges in our lives, and try little experiments with bringing our creativity to bear on our every day throughout the week.

No acting experience, or interest in acting is necessary to take part in this course. It runs for 8 weeks starting 1st May and is taught by Sarah O'Toole. Cost is €240/220 with an early bird rate of €215/195 if you book before 25th April. 


The Next Stage: Improvisation and Comedy on Wednesday nights starting 2nd May  from 7pm to 10pm, taught by Sarah O'Toole and some special guest tutors, will encourage you to discover and share your funny side through exploring different approaches to comic performance - including traditional theatre text, comedy writing, stand-up, devising sketches, short-form and long-form improvisation. The course culminates in a revue-style showcase performance at the Town Hall Theatre on 28th June, where students will perform scenes, monologues and sketches in a comic style of their choice.

The Next Stage: Voice, Text and Scene Study on Thursday nights starting 3rd May, from 7pm to 10pm, is an intensive course which focuses on helping students to explore and develop their voices and enhance their skills in working with dramatic text. We will start by using an established theatre text as a jumping-off point for this work, and then diversify into a selection of scenes and monologues which will be performed as a showcase in the Town Hall Studio on 29th June. Tutor is Sarah O'Toole.

Both Next Stage courses are for students with some level of experience (i.e. they've done a beginner's course or have taken part in a play). They run over 9 weeks but with 12 sessions as we factor in extra rehearsal leading up to the showcase. Cost is €320/300 (student/unwaged) with an early bird rate of €300/280 if you book before 25th April.


Acting in the Real World: Yoga for Actors on Thursday nights starting 3rd May, from 7pm to 10pm, will be taught by our new tutor Aoife Heery. Participants will be led through a Hatha-based yogic practice using breath and mantra for focus and vocal strength, asana postures to strengthen body, creating an overall expansion of flexibility and imagination. Relaxation techniques and affirmation intention will be used to connect to and explore creativity as a channel of divine inspiration and overcome blocks in this source of vitality both for performance and our personal lives.

The course will look at the chakras as a source of character, creativity and emotional expression and will be used as a jumping off point to explore the work of major playwrights and theatre practitioners. We will explore how yoga energises performers and create a heightened sense of the present moment leading to a more powerful and charismatic performance.

By the end of the course students will have a personal daily routine combining personal wellbeing and the necessary vocal and physical routines to maintain an actor's agility along with overall greater sense of peace, confidence and energy. They will also have gained useful yogic techniques to prepare for auditions and performance.

This course requires some acting experience and runs for 8 weeks starting 3rd May. Cost is €240/220 with an early bird rate of €215/195 if you book before 25th April.

Our Advanced Performance Group will meet on Wednesday nights from 7-10pm. This is by application only and is for experienced students who would like to get involved in a full-length production of a play which will be shown in the Town Hall Studio at the start of September. Please email outlining your experience and the play itself will be chosen based on the core group. Starts in June. Runs 12 weeks with some extra rehearsals at the end to be agreed with group. Cost is €320/300 (student/unemployed) with an early bird rate of €300/280 if you book before 31st May. Tutor is James Riordan


For more information, or to book, fill out our contact form, email or call Sarah on 087 237 3531.

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